About Us

Systems Reliability Commerce and Contracting Company (SRCC) based in Al-Khobar in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a central business area. It is one of the leading firms which primarily engaging in Power Systems & Telecommunication engineering works and other related electro-mechanical engineering services such as HVAC, Fire Protection, Plumbing and Electrical for residential, public, commercial building, industrial complex and factory.

SRCC is also equipped to provide installation of equipments through commissioning, and maintenance and repair services with reliable and quality workmanship supported by our team of skilled engineers, as one stop service provider.

It was established as a contracting company under the general management of professional team that actively involved in the line of engineering industry.

As a business partner, SRCC's precision of design, managing and executing projects efficiently and professionally through our dedicated and committed qualified professionals and technical staffs. Also, our adherence with work schedules is the most prominent features of our deep-rooted business policy, within budget, and in the expected quality.

The strong ties of SRCC, linking locally and globally with quite good number of international reliable firms and high caliber seasoned professionals in the construction industry, provides the company with an in-depth understanding of the complexities and exclusive requirements of each construction project.

Our driven commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is a continuous journey towards endless race of improving the performance of our staff and services and meeting whatever challenges that may confront us.

We are proud of what we have achieved, and we look forward to being an active participant in the progress of the KSA and to continue in the future too.



Systems Reliability Commerce and Contracting Company (SRCC) strives to be the leader as an optimum total solution provider in a wide spectrum of engineering services.



Our mission is to persistently provide our customers with superb and quality engineering services at competitive price by meeting specific delivery requirements. Our employees are the most valuable assest. Therefore, we provide a working environment what will attract, retain and develop the Talented Employees. We are devoted in all aspects to Quality, Growth, Flexibility and Success; all refined with integrity.



We believe in (a) Professionalism in our work and customer satisfaction; (b) Fairness in all our relationship with our clients and all stakeholders; (c) Credibility in our efforts inspiring us to constantly improve ourselves and our system; & (d) Environmental Concern in all our projects.

SRCC Organizational Chart