Systems Reliability Commerce and Contracting Company (SRCC) provides state-of-the-art services in the below mentioned fields.

Power Systems

❃ Building electrical systems assessment

❃ Substation construction & maintenance

❃ Power transmission & distribution

❃ Emergency power, peak shaving and cogeneration systems design

❃ Site utilities

❃ Fault coordination studies

❃ Data systems design

❃ Lightning protection


❃ Installation of GSM Towers with ARAMCO & STC standard

❃ Installation of fiber systems to home

❃ Planning, designing, estimation, implementation and site survey for telephone network

❃ Construction of underground channel systems and telephone cables

❃ Erection of self supported, monopole, roof type, greenfield & guyed microwave, and television towers

❃ Erection of mounting wave guided and parabolic antenna for microwave and radio towers

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

❃ Chiller plants

❃ Boiler plants

❃ Building HVAC systems

❃ System Commissioning

❃ Building automation

❃ Indoor air quality

SRCC provides complete design, installation, and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems for a wide range of commercial, institutional and industrial customers.

Fire Protection

❃ Sprinkler and standpipes

We offer design, fabrication, and installation of fire protection systems in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. Our knowledge of NFPA, state and local codes allow us to design and install sprinkler systems with accuracy and efficiency.


❃ Industrial and process piping systems

❃ Sanitary and rainwater drain systems

❃ Medical gases

❃ Fuel gas

❃ Piping installation and repair works

We design, install, and provide service necessary to operate industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. Backed by a quality workforce, state-of-the equipments, and registered mechanical engineers, projects are completed meeting all schedule requirements, performance expectations, and budgeting goals.


❃ Fully industrial, commercial, & domestic installation service

❃ Periodic inspection and testing

❃ Portable appliance testing

We offer complete electrical services to a variety of customers across a wide range of industries from single commercial outlets to large retail chains, from office buildings to warehouses, from restaurants and hotels, and the homeowner. Our electrical group is your single source provider for the design, installation, maintenance and upgrade of your electrical systems for new or existing facilities.